The Best Morning Smoothie

Back in the day when I was only moderately nuts, I used to eat oatmeal at work every morning for breakfast. Immediately after eating it I just felt like I wanted to crawl back in bed. But as I embraced my inner hippy (the kind of hippy who has a designer blender) I started swapping oatmeal for a green smoothie or juice. For the past few months Dan and I have been making green smoothies at home every day. I love drinking a smoothie for breakfast – and unlike the oatmeal, I feel energized and stay full four hours. I’m so addicted that I have been lugging ‘Vity’ with us on weekend trips.

I made a lot of terrible smoothies before I figured out the right combination. So here’s the recipe for my go-to smoothie with more commentary than you’d ever want.

But first, a few important notes that I wish someone had told me! ->

Frozen: I prefer frozen banana and blueberries/strawberries. I break the bananas in half and freeze them at the beginning of the week. We buy bluebs and strawbs in bulk at the farmers market when in season and freeze. Keeping some fruit at room temp is totally fine, but I think it’s better for consistency if at least one fruit is frozen.

Almond Milk Elitist: the key to a great smoothie for me is that I do not use store-bought almond milk. I think it makes the smoothie taste terrible, and it took me awhile to realize that. If I’m feeling ambitious I make homemade almond milk, but more often than not I just use water which to me tastes a million times better than using low-quality almond milk. I think the good quality (aka $10) almond milk at the store is just as good as homemade, but I’ve only tried it once since it’s so expensive and water is a good alternative.

Kale Elitist: We buy 2-3 bunches of kale at the farmers market and wash/de-stem/rip into small piece/put it in a bag for easy use all week. It’s such a pain for me to have to deal with this every morning, but if it’s packed and ready to go I’m happy. Also I think it’s better  than using the pre-cut/washed Trader Joe’s bag since that stuff still has the stem on it and isn’t as fresh.

The Perfect Morning Smoothie Recipe (adapted from this one – when in doubt, check Deliciously Ella – she knows her smoothies!):

– Big handful of kale/spinach (as much you can take – the kale is a little more bitter so spinach is good to combine)

– 1 frozen banana

– 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

– 2 strawberries (optional – only when in season)

– 2 ice cubes

– 1 tablespoon of good almond butter (optional)

– 1/2 – 1 cup of almond milk or water (I start with less and add more if needed)

– 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

– 1 teaspoon spoonful of spirulina

And voila – it is the best. healthy. smoothie. ever. My stomach is grumbling and all I want to do is go home and make one now. Try this and let me know if you have any additions/suggestions. With as many health food blogs as I read, you would think I would have found another great morning smoothie alternative, but I have never made a smoothie I like as much as this one. I’m eager to try – so send me ideas if you have any!


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