7 month blog hiatus, and goodbye turkey meatballs

I am the worst blogger, and the only reason jdadventure.com stayed afloat is because Dan was so diligent about updating it. I’m going to try to be better, but it’s unlikely that will make a difference without Dan behind the keyboard =) Oh well!

Either way, here I am now with some blog motivation. In non-exciting food news, I’ve full on embraced the San Francisco hippy lifestyle/lost my marbles. First, I became vegetarian (with a little fish). Then I became vegan (with a little eggs, and honey, obviously). And now I’m trying not to eat gluten (because gluten free is the new Soul Cycle). And I cut out refined sugar. Put it all together and in a perfect world I’m vegan, gluten free, with no sugar or coffee. As my mom likes to point out, I’ve become VERY boring. But…I feel great! I’m hoping that if I write this down I’ll remember it in case my lifestyle ever becomes a little more exciting/normal =)

Since it’s not realistic or sustainable for me to be totally 100% all of the above, I’m going with a ‘mostly plants’ lifestyle, eating mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains; plus a small amount of fish and eggs (fish when we go out to eat/go to friends’ houses, and eggs because Dan makes the best eggs ever and I would be lost without them =) ) I have so much more energy and am generally feeling awesome.

The two blogs that have helped me the most on this hippy kool-aid journey are Deliciously Ella and Oh She Glows. They have been amazing resources, with great recipes and ideas – so great that I’ve actually been able to keep this up for almost two months. That is a BIG deal for me. At first I just started thinking I would do this for 30 days, and had a countdown each day until June 14 when I would reach the finish line. But after 30 days there was no turning back – I felt too good.

When I tell people about all this, the main question is, ‘what do you eat??’ So here’s what ‘mostly plants’ look like:

Zoodles with homemade cashew pesto, avocado, and sweet potatoes.


Yummy salad with roasted radishes, quinoa, and more sweet potatoes.

4354 (1)

The life-changing, energizing mango/cashew smoothie (I make a half recipe, with not too many cashews, and I add spirulina – to this and every smoothie).


I have a smoothie or juice for breakfast every day, except one day I made quinoa ‘oatmeal’ with peaches and toasted almonds. When it’s foggy and 55 degrees, sometimes a frozen smoothie doesn’t cut it.


We’ve also discovered some great (and not so great) vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Here I am enjoying some crazy vegan burrito at my new favorite SF restaurant, Judahlicious. Even Dan agreed it was crazy delicious vegan food!


p.s. that’s not a beer, it’s green tea served in a beer mug. Could I be more lame?

More salad, this time with avocado and balsamic onions and squash.


And last night’s concoction – roasted tomato soup. I slow roasted the tomatoes for a few hours at 150 degrees, then put them in the Vitamix with some sauteed onions, Rancho Gordo beans + bean broth, a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar, and YUM. Topped with sunflower sprouts and avocado. I was mildly disturbed that this instagram photo received more ‘likes’ within minutes than the photo I had posted earlier that day of my adorable nephew, but what can you do – people love their instafood!



So…after two months of living on the edge (of insanity) from the comfort of my home, I’m moving on to the next challenge – and taking my insanity on the road. Dan and I are about to travel for over four weeks. I’m not sure how much of this I can keep up four four weeks let alone the first 5-hour flight, but I’m going to try…wish me luck! And lots of kale.

What’s new with you since November?


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