Tofu Rice Bowl

Most nights I do not cook from a recipe, but just make simple dinners that require little prep. Behold – the tofu rice bowl! This is the easiest dinner in the world, and really not a recipe – but when I posted this pic on instagram people asked for the ‘recipe’ so here it is:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 3.24.13 PM


Side note: in reviewing the evidence, only two people asked for the recipe, and only six even ‘liked’ the photo, but let’s not go there.

– Brown rice from the ricecooker (we got an exorbitantly expensive Zojirushi rice cooker for our wedding and it is truly life-changing). If I had to make the rice myself like a caveman, this probably would not happen, at least not during the week.

– Sauteed onion and mushrooms and kale (and kale at the end for last 2 min)

– In a separate pan (booo for more clean-up) I pan-fry a little thinly sliced tofu in olive oil

Throw it all together – add a drizzle of olive oil/lemon juice/soy sauce/salt and it is delish!

The idea came from my hero Heidi at 101cookbooks – see her recipe here. If you have nori and avocado – even better!

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